ArchAngel Connection

My name is Serena and I communicate with ALL Energetic Beings. My communication is different form others because I am different. So are you! We are all unique yet part of the same Source Energy.

I have always communicated with Energetic Beings and I want to help you live STRONG and FREE following your life path. ArchAngel Raphael introduced himself to me in Poland and clarified my relationship with Angels. Now I help you Connect. People LOSE FEAR and GAIN CONFIDENCE in their own abilities because of Angelic Connection. I am a strong communicator and there is much to say. Become part of the conversation!

Angels are everywhere and now you have another source (me) to gain information DIRECTLY from them. 22 at Heart is our first book and it will also help you in your Angelic connections. It is a starter's manual and there will be more to come. Become familiar with my 22 Angel Friends in this book and learn some connection techniques. Contact me for more information or check our Services and Products pages. 


General Info

Payment Methods: E-transfer, PayPal,Visa, Mastercard, AmEx, Discover, BC card, Diners International, or cash accepted

Skype works great for sessions; with camera engaged please.

All prices listed are in Canadian dollars.

Contact me anytime with any question: or 1-403-478-7125