ArchAngel Connection

My Intention: 

Raising your vibration helps raise the vibration of this planet.

My Way:
Saying what others do not, guiding you to experience what you need to move forward in the Love Vibration.

Hello, I am Serena.

I now call what I do "translating" because I offer you the information that is yours and intended to improve your journey in a clearer way. If you were understanding all your messages, then you would not be looking for a translator. So, here I am.

Most people ask, after finding out what I do, when I knew I had ability different from others. I have always seen energy and Beings and used to think I was incompetent at dealing with it all. That is until I met some special people and a Being called ArchAngel Raphael. It took for him to write his name on the side of some buildings for me to recognize that Angels were at the fore of my constant "other" conversations. Now I am in the position to tell people that not only do I communicate with Angels, and other Beings, but I can help them do it too. This includes You!

Yes, I talk to Angels. I also connect you with them because they are around you and are influencing your life in the most amazing way! They have been talking to me all my life. Every communication is intended for my Best and Highest purpose and the same is true for everyone I work with. No evil, no dark forces and no fear is how we work; because that is the only thing way that makes logical sense. Supportive, loving information is all you need and all you will receive. It may not be in a soft verbiage, but it will help you move forward in love. NOW is the time to honour your personal Angelic Support by connecting, in your own way, and with intention.

" feels so good to get confirmation on everything (as well as some clarity!)." Char