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When asked, I call myself a Consultant. I consult with you and then I consult with the Angelic Realm and whomever they invite. Then, whenever you are ready, I assist you in making sense and expanding your Self and getting done what you want to get done. The plan is to HELP YOU BE ALL of  YOUR TRUTH and I can only do that because I am truly always working on being all of my truth.

Your journey, like mine, does not have to be anything other than joyful and exciting. We are in this together and yet we are each different.


About Me: I have always seen, heard and experienced things that those around me seem to not be experiencing. Childhood was very challenging, and without a mother who was ready to train me to live as a human, I would have probably given up the human experience long ago. I was only conscious of my true path after Mom died and things got super weird. I stopped ignoring all the signs and began talking with the ArchAngels because they introduced themselves (in Poland on a trip, initially) and from that point did not stop talking. This was less parental-style guidance (like the old scripts dictate) and more like comradery with a collective goal. This life is not just about me, it is about you and the shift and the new way to experience a dyad (physical and energetic in the same conscious state) existence.


Again...Thank You for Coming!