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Shambalah Time

Posted 5/4/2021

You think you know about it because you do. But we have some explaining to get through so we can agree, and move towards the real creation of Shambalah.

If you listen to the Three Dog Night version of Shambalah, you will definitely get some groovy feels. I love it! The song is a very cursory homage to the “heaven on Earth” general definition of Shambalah. They talk about what can be done with the rain of Shambalah and what happens on the road to Shambalah. But do they ever get there? No. Their song is about the journey.

The idea, for most humans who discuss these things, is to recognize or “find’ this Earthly paradise. Like it is a destination on a map. Hold on...If Shambalah existed on the current Earth plane, don’t you think someone would have let us all know?  There are a number of texts that describe the location in Eastern lands, and though there may be something to that, I disagree that Shambalah currently exists in physical form. Of course, that little fact is not going to stop us!

True Shambalah is not a hidden space saved for the “special ones”. It is more like the place that allows us all to be our best and truest selves for the general betterment of the community. It is a paradise, not because we are allowed into it, but because we are expected to be hosts allowing every One who lives their truth an open invitation in.

To live in the truth is to live in love. The truth is, you are here for a purpose. The truth is, we all need you to be here. The truth is, without you we cannot build Shambalah because you are uniquely capable of bringing the component parts necessary and available only to you. The truth is, we are in this together and together we can build whatever we want. The truth is, we want the same things; to live in peace, to live in support, to be accepted and honoured, to be received as we are, to share kindness with each other and expect kindness in return, to be part of something important. Living in love is important. Building Shambalah is important.

How do we build such a fantastic place?

It starts where all things start for humans. To create, we must first believe that the concept is truly possible. Because humans live on Earth, they are limited to believe that all existence they can interact with must also exist on Earth. This is the kind of thinking that stops people from believing in true growth or human evolution. It has stopped the human race in its collective tracks.

You already are aware that you are more than human. You have a physical presence and this is definitely a big factor in accepting your humanness, but you are more. You receive information from sources beyond the Earth plane. (I use the term plane because Earth holds a series of physical realms but only one plane supports the physical human at this time) You can travel outside of your body during rest or meditation and you can visit spectres of other existences this way. You know there is more because the hairs stand up on your neck when you hear stories of other worlds, other Beings, or you just hear the high-pitched tones of incoming information (the downloads). The standing hairs or body shivers or general knowing has moved softly around your consciousness for a long time. Lately though, you are taking more notice. You probably have recognized the tones in your downloads have begun to change pitch midway. This is because information is being layered in from different sources at one time so you are taking in multiple strands of information. You probably have noticed that the Ascended Masters you used to call on have changed form or just do not seem to appear like they used to. This is because they have ascended en masse so as to release the old human scripts that held them to the forms of lore and to prepare for the new human existence that evolves and expands. These are but a few examples of how you recognize you are more than one thing. You are more than human.

Because you are more, you are capable of understanding that the concept of Shambalah is not just a lovely dream but the main reason you came here. You need to be part of the building. We have stated many things about the limitations of humanity but we need to stay connected to that humanity so we can break the cycles of limited thinking and limited existence. We will fix the machine not by removing ourselves from it and working outside, but by delving deep into it and finding all of the missing cogs and fitting them inside where they always did belong. The current humans on Earth are all here to break the old patterns and to create the new way. To do something new, we have to BE something new. You know that you are more than one thing. This is important for growth. I mean, would you hire someone to work for you who could only move box A to spot B and never deviate? Nope. You want an employee who can grow with the company and help you build the machines or circumstances that can make and move the boxes wherever is best for your company’s growth. Welcome to the company!

Shambalah starts as a concept. To know how to build it, we have to hold the concept in our minds. It is like a scientist that may contemplate their problem or issue in their mind before speaking about it with a colleague. Then they may hold a conference to get ideas flowing. They would work out the details and discuss them amongst others contemplating the same issues so that good and reproducable experiments could be created. Then they would start to prove their theory. All the while, the concept is held and turned over in the scientist’s mind until a concrete expression can be made. This works the same for artists and authors and builders. Hold the concept in your mind and turn it over and over. Make the concept of Shambalah be part of your conscious experience. This is where we start. The building will come as more information is taken in and shared between us. The current Earth plane is probably not where the physical Shambalah will reside, but it is definitely where we are now. Our belief in the Shambalah concept and our holding it in conscious thought adds to the collective energy of our concept. Essentially, your thinking about it makes it grow. This is where we start.


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Sticky Situation

Posted 21/2/2021

This one is chatty.

We talk about loads of stuff, but today I need to set off a BOOM to get us unstuck and moving. Why are we stuck? So many reasons...

Fear is a biggie. We often just cannot move on from a situation because we fear the unknown. Simple. We all do it and most of us find a strategy to get through it. Fear is totally normal. Even when you are in a bad situation, you sometimes choose to stay because you fear the possibility that a new situation could be worse. I guess it could be. But usually it is better to leave the bad known wolf and start moving down the road. This is a move-through-it that comes with experience and a little bravery (or getting sick-and-tired of being in fear).

You know this already. No boom here.

Sometimes we are stuck because of old narratives (I use the term “old script”) that we either were taught in childhood or agreed to by contract. Lots of people realize that there are contracts we agreed to when we were learning things. For example, the best way to get out of a situation where you are being threatened with a weapon is to cry and say “don’t hurt me”. No? You do not agree? But you must because every single movie and television show constantly displays this “don’t hurt me” weep as the only response. Kind of like how movies show you to run down the middle of a straight road when you are being chased by a vehicle. This is contract agreement because we sit and watch the show, hopefully entertained, to the end. We agree that what we are shown makes sense and could be a useful strategy for our future. This is a contract and we agree to them all the time; at work, in school, in family situations, relationships, friendships, etc.

By the way, if you watch a movie with me you will get an earful of hollering if any weepy character does the “don’t hurt me” spiel or is daft enough to run down the middle of a road from a car. In fact, we will probably turn off the show and end up playing cards or something as we discuss the true ways to deal with these rare life predicaments. We could just sit and eat chips too. That is way better than watching the bad shows.


I mean, come on!

Obviously, when confronted by a weapon-wielder you should lunge at them and try to hit them with your shoe as you scream obscenities. Duh. Also, if you ever find yourself being chased by a vehicle and can see no side streets or buildings to run into (because the magic street is in a desert with cliffs on either side), instead stand still and when the vehicle is a couple of car-lengths away, you run toward the car and around it going the opposite direction. It is highly unlikely the driver can turn and chase you, so you get away. Win.

No boom here either.

It helps if you have lived a few decades and have experienced what this true feeling of STUCK is, but younger folks will be in the process now and can avoid the stuck situation if they read on.

So I was watching a documentary on water pollution and it all came to me at once. The documentary started to focus on the impact of the fashion industry on water pollution and we heard some jeans fashion folk speak up. One of the interviewed folks invented stretch denim and one invented stone-washed/distressed jeans. The information they gave was all about innovation and how they were instrumental in this fashion area. The amount of waste and pollution created by these fashion techniques is astonishing and was very upsetting for them to admit their part. They are now happy to be involved in finding healthier and safer ways to create their jeans. What we got to see was someone who could explain their impetus to create, the money and push for more, and now the need to create better.

Big stinking deal? Boom time!

As I watched the doc, I realized that my younger self was very active in pollution control and voicing opinion about this and other topics, Time passed and I moved my focus away. Meanwhile, the situation was becoming very dire and affecting many more people around the world. So was I ineffective? Was my youthful exuberance wasted? No. I got stuck. The STUCK I am talking about is like fear, but not quite. Fear would prevent me from bothering to discuss the topic because I had “failed” in the past and “obviously” no one had listened to me before. The fear would be of “another failure”.

But this is not fear. This is the sticky situation of the Full Circle. Again, the age and experience cards can be played here but are not necessary for understanding. The Full Circle is getting invested in something, working on it, spreading the news, time moves on as you do other things too, and then you realize that what you originally invested in is still a problem, so you are back at the beginning. Finding yourself back at the beginning SUCKS. I mean, it sucks toes. The Full Circle can easily feel like failure and make you consider that you have wasted time and energy and should not try again. How do we Boom and get unstuck?

The boom is realizing what the full circle is and then breaking it. If you draw a full circle, you can see it is complete. Hold up a circle of glass to your eye or cut a circle into the wall of your desert adobe (refer back to the car chase chat) and you will have a window. A focus. A complete picture. Once you see the picture, you need to realize that the picture is a moment in time, like any picture. When you refocus and see where things have improved, or not improved, you have a new jumping off point. Maybe the original strategy did not fix the problem but it did create a picture. Now you can blow that sucker up and get moving again.

What? How does this apply to my life?


Many of us are stuck because we cannot see how to fix the situation. We do not know how to build our new existence. We have heard many others talk about the new world and it never goes anywhere. They are stuck and we are stuck. But once we have seen the whole picture (things are not better and the world looks yuckier), we can create a new strategy. This is when we blow up the old picture and refocus our efforts. WE ARE GOING TO CHANGE THIS.

Repeat after me...

“I know I am here for a purpose and just because I lost focus or I did not succeed in my lofty endeavours does not mean I am stopping, unable or not knowledgeable enough. I just need to lift up my Self and wash off the glue. Glue is fear and old scripts and full circle pictures. I know how to deal with fear and old scripts. The picture created by time is a fallacy. I create my own truth and I support you in doing the same.”

Do words fix the water pollution problem, or any other world problem? No. They do inspire people to take action. It is a start. We are really starting (after a few false starts by some of us)! The picture I see is not good enough for me or you and is not going to stop me or confuse me. I have things to do and so do you. We can see a better future and we will build it (Shambalah blog is coming).

If you ever feel stuck, ask for help washing off the glue and blowing up the picture so you can keep going and get stuff done. We have things to do!


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