Energy Products to check out:

  • 22 at Heart - book
  • Angelic Vibrational Art
  • Crystal Energy Necklaces
  • Energy Wands
  • Energy Crowns
  • and more

Living in the Love Vibration changes the way you see things...and how others see you.

When you choose to experience everything available to you in a state of love, food tastes better because you eat with joy not guilt, flowers smell sweeter because you stop to smell them, and you life goals are clearer because you can see them on the path you are taking.                                                           What an amazing way you are choosing to live!

"Serena brought me a lot of clarity, showed a great deal of compassion and opened my eyes to an amazing experience!" Darla N.

Services I offer include:

  • Connection Sessions
  • Get Into Your Flow - Mentoring
  • Space Balancing
  • Self Esteem Building

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"I have started to embark on a healthier lifestyle in mind body and spirit in a more positive way." Beth M.

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