Like all Angelic Vibrational Art, these pieces intend to Raise Your Vibration. Their additional intention is to be subtle and transportable. Every piece is unique but each has its own Selenite for high vibration and copper to enhance the field of energy. Pieces each have a lid so they can be closed on a desk and look like a small container (about 4inches in diameter) while they emit their vibration-raising waves all day (and night).

"Loved the angelic ho'onopono series. It got me through a tough time and is a tool I use now" Cindy M.

"22 at Heart" is our first book
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Angelic Ho'oponopono Webinar Recording (digital)


8 meditations for starting your day and ending it in the warm embrace of Angels.
ArchAngels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel offer you FREEDOM from BLOCKS in your life, the ability to RECOGNIZE NEW OPPORTUNITIES, better HEALTH, and a CLEAR LIFEPATH. Pop these onto your phone, laptop, tablet or digital music device so you can listen anywhere and anytime.

Angelic Energy Necklaces      for availability or to commission:

AVA Desktop Art   

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AVA Khundalini Fire Power

Master the metaphysics of this AMAZING, LIFE-CHANGING tool that helps you MOVE FORWARD without impediment on your UNIQUE LIFEPATH, at your own pace and in the privacy of your own home! This webinar takes you through the 4 steps of Ho'oponopono with the addition of an Angelic Connection to enhance your energetic abilities and ensure that your block-clearing efforts are supported. Nothing will stand in your way once you start moving forward with this LIFE TOOL!

ArchAngel Meditations (digital)


Coil-bound, our book is to be used as your Guide for reaching the Love Vibration while each page has a message that may be used as a daily reminder of Angelic presence in your life.From page 5 and 6… This book is a Beginner’s Manual of sorts, a Guide to your Guides. It has definitions of energetic terms, information about the 22 ArchAngels that come to our Angelic Connection sessions, and many Affirmations and Energetic Exercises. Any exercise can stand-alone and if you only do one, you will still gain energetically. You will raise your vibration.

Each page can also be used as a daily Angelic message. You can choose a number and go to that page or you can open the book randomly and read only the bolded words. Those words are meant for you that day.  How you react to the word as soon as you see it is how you decide what the message is about. One day you may see the word “vibration” bolded and feel that this is asking you to be aware of your vibration that day. The next day you may see the number 174 and go to that page. The word you see may have everything or nothing to do with the message from the day before. The messages do not build, except to slowly raise your vibration as all energetic work does. See a picture on our Home page. SHIPPING COSTS VARY. Contact serena@archangelconnection for more information.​

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Angelic Vibrational Art White Cotton Hoodie Shirts
3 Designs available
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Use these wands in meditation, during healing practise or to keep your intention of energy flow continuous in a space. Each combination offers different energy but all are on a base of strongly vibrational selenite with copper enhancing the fields of the blended stone energies.  Availability varies so please contact:

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AVA Full Spectrum

Angelic Energy Wands
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AVA Tree of Life

Angelic Vibrational Art (AVA) Shirts are prints of original pieces that are hand-painted, making each one an original work of art. Copper and Selenite infused paint is on every shirt to encourage the Love Vibration of the Angelic Realm into the fabric. The intention of these shirts, in gifting and wearing, is to Raise Vibration. 

Every shirt has the words "Love Vibration" on the front, is made of 100% cotton with a hood and long sleeves. SHIPPING COSTS VARY. Contact serena@archangelconnection for more information.We have 3 designs in 5 Unisex sizes from S-XXL. Shirt Dimensions in Width and Length (inches) Small  18" and 27.5",  Medium 20" and 28.75",   Large 22" and 29.75",   XLarge 24" and 30.75",    XXLarge 26" and 32"

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Wearing this unique piece of energetic art feels amazing! Not for the faint of heart, these pieces pack a wallop, delivering POWERFUL energy to the wearer and the viewer.  Availability and prices: