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ava = angelic vibrational art

What is Angelic Vibrational Art?

Raising the vibration of everyone who comes in contact with one of these completely unique pieces is the intention. Every one is made with selenite (very high vibration) and raw copper to enhance the energy field. Size really does not matter with these lovely pieces. Some contain stones as well as selenite to enhance the intention of that piece.

Gazing at any piece will transport you to a higher vibration. The LOVE VIBRATION is the highest for human existence. This is the vibration Angels resonate with and communicate through. Experience your piece anywhere that powerful, cleansing vibration would be appreciated; like your home, office, spa or meditation space.

If you are interested in one of the pictured pieces or want to commission a piece for your personal or business space, please contact me at serena@archangelconnection.com

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