ArchAngel Connection

4 ArchAngels Connection Session

Get into your own flow – Energy Mentoring                  approx 60min per session      $222cdn

You are sensitive to energies and want to explore your gifts. In a series of sessions designed just for you, we will explore your abilities and what you want to do with them. I will help you clear yourself and your work space and show you how to use Angelic Energy to continue this process. 

 To Maximize Your Abilities, it does take time and effort to polish your new skills and some "homework" is necessary. Your sessions will progress until you feel confident to go out on your own. These personal Mentoring Sessions can happen over your best timeline (weeks or months). I recommend 3-6 sessions for most people but some choose to continue with more. This is a very personal process and can build as you need.

4 ArchAngel Connection                                                                           approx 15min       $55cdn

After we Ground to Earth, you meet ArchAngels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel. There will be talk about your past, present and future while we work to consciously Raise Your Vibration. This is the session I offer at my shows. 

​Your RECORDED SESSION will be sent to you by email within 24-48 hours so you can listen again and again to the information they give you. Btw, the more you participate with the session, the more you get out of it!

Full Connection Session                                                                               minimum 90min        $333cdn

Every connection made during sessions is for Your Best and Highest Purpose.

We sit together and Ground to Earth energy to begin the session. After introducing 22+ ArchAngels in a circle around us, ArchAngel Michael is where we start. Every Angel will offer advice or guidance for you after we do some cord cutting. Past life as well as current life issues come up in a free flow of energy, but I make sure that every Angel and any other visitors get to have their say during your session. From the beginning of our session through to the end, you will feel the Angelic presence and your vibration will be raised; this is healing in and of itself. 

You will be more aware of and sensitive to their work just after your session. Take note of any dreams or signs that appear within the first few days of your session. Email me with any questions to ask the Angels if you are having trouble getting the answers directly. The more you practise connecting with them, the better your relationship will be. The entire session is audio recorded and you will receive your recording by email the following day.

Email Connection - Ask the Angels a Question                                                             $33cdn

Ask the Angels for guidance about whatever you like. You can be very detailed or just ask for some help with "relationships" for example. I sit with your question and connect to the Angels to get information about your issue. Most often I pull a number of cards to help you hear their words. During the connection (usually this takes me at least 30minutes) I am offered insight into your issue and I will share this additional information as well. If you have any additional questions, just ask.

Gift Certificate - no expiry date

A great present for SOMEONE you know who WOULD LOVE some of my vibrational services or products. That someone can be you too!  

To redeem or have the gift certificate sent to your email (for gifting) please contact Serena at: 

Personal Angelic Ho’oponopono                                               approx 2 hours       $222cdn

Angelic Ho’oponopono is LIFE CHANGING because it demonstrates the metaphysics of Ho’oponopono, with an Angelic Connection, and gives you the POWER to CHANGE your PATH. In this amazing private workshop you will master techniques to help you:

  • CLEAR your LIFE PATH so you can move forward and LOVE LIFE 
  • Improve Relationships (Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister, Friend & Partner)
  • Remove Emotional Blocks

You can also choose to purchase my webinar (see Products page) and work on that on your own, if you prefer. It works beautifully! This personalized option adds in direct Angelic Connection that we verify for you so you know how to connect on your own. Together we work on some of your personal blocks and we discover how you can release the emotional blocks by practising and ensuring you have mastered the technique. This personal session includes 2 follow-up emails or Skype calls so you can ask your questions and feel confident in your new skill.

 ​This option is for one person but we can discuss doing this for your group of friends, coworkers or family.

Talk in front of audience 2018

Space Balancing                                                       time depends on size of space     $222cdn

Whether you have just moved to a new home or office, a new member of the family has been added, or recent events have caused you to start thinking about your space, I will bring enter your space and adjust the energy for your comfort.

Balancing space is BETTER than Clearing it because it requests all energy, through portals, passed on folks or some Beings that are attached to you or the space, understand that all energy flow must be for YOUR BEST and HIGHEST PURPOSE. My Angel friends help me to "pin" their energy into your space with the assist of sacred geometry. After the balancing, your home will feel joy-filled and clean. Space balancing is included in our Full Session.         


Self Esteem Building with Energetic Connection     approx 45min per session       $111cdn

Everyone has issues with Self Worth at different points in their lives. Sometimes the instigators are fleeting, like pants that do not fit, a comment from a loved one or an unfortunate photo, and sometimes they are a result of long-term or systemic situations, like abuse (recent or years ago), attempting to follow fashion through your life, or inability to stop comparing your Self to a sibling or friend. Once you recognize the issue and increase your self worth, your LIFE CHANGES in AMAZING WAYS, but this is a process. 

Raising Vibration is the result of improving self esteem and so that is our goal. We work with many energetic principles like Grounding and Connecting to higher vibration (like the Angelic Realm) for support, as examples. We work together and FROM THE FIRST SESSION YOU WILL SEE RESULTS.

Depending on your needs, commitment to working on your Self, and availability (or the needs of your loved one), we can determine how many sessions you may want. For now, we go one step at a time.