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Being Human is not easy. First, most of us need to deal with some human issues before we can move forward into an integrated experience.




1. Your ArchAngel Connection - about 90 minutes (sometimes longer) with 22 ArchAngels will get you many answers and help you make sense of all the messages you have been ignoring (like I did in the past). This is where you start to free your Self from old beliefs and analyze some old scripts. Blocks are obliterated and opportunities are made clear. The Connection you have always had (because all humans are connected to the Angelic Realm) becomes stronger and clearer because you are surrounded and ArchAngels are very clear with messages. I usually audio record this experience and send you the recording so you can revisit as needed.      

Your ArchAngel Connection is $333 CDN  payable by etransfer or PayPal



2. Self Love Expansion - Before you can experience your truth, you have to LOVE and APPRECIATE your human existence. This is key to progress and is the most important and most unappreciated step in the integration journey. When you truly understand how important you are and how unique your experience is, you can build your Self Love to a point where you do not question your path but embrace it fully. I do have a book titled "Reflection Connection" that has 44 days of practises to assist your work on Self Love and receiving information (book is $22 CDN plus shipping)

Self Love Expansion takes about 60minutes and is $222 CDN  payable by etransfer or PayPal


3. Ask a Question of the ArchAngels (email) - Ask a question of the ArchAngels to whet your whistle or for when you get stuck and cannot see the forest for the trees. Angels are always clear but not always the gentle  beings that they have been portrayed as in certain old texts. Information comes swiftly and will be presented to you as it is presented to me. Clarity is key in both the question you ask and the answer you receive.

Ask a Question of the ArchAngels is answered within 24hrs and is $33 CDN payable by etransfer or PayPal