Post Traumatic Stress Disorder covers a great variety of situations and can be triggered anytime, even when the trauma happened many years ago and you are "past it". You can move past a traumatic event but energetically this suggests the situation still exists but you are just no longer dealing with it. As many of us have learned, when you do not deal with the event, then it tends to find a way to toss you down a hole and then kick you while you are down.

How can Angelic Connection help? 

Raising Vibration is all I talk about because it changes everything. The event that caused your trauma did happen and that cannot be changed but the way you react to that past event can be changed for the better. Together we will find ways for you to deal with and even remove emeotional connections to that past event. It is the emotional connection that holds you in place, makes you feel stuck or helpless, not the event itself. 

I will work with you one on one or in the presence of someone else to raise your vibration and give you the control to energetically raise your vibration and break the emotional chains that keep holding you back.

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Addiction, Forgiveness & What's Next

PTSD and Your Progress

Your Kids & Teens

Addiction may not always land us in a physical jail cell but it does always make us aware of the walls we have built around us.

The whys of your personal addiction(s) are something you are already aware of but that has not been enough to help you choose healthier options every time.

OR You may not be the addicted but the one living with someone else's addiction. Either way...

Understanding vibration and energy is key to you taking control, forgiving your Self for past transgressions or being in uncomfortable situations and moving forward.

Whether you are ready to talk about this now or not, thank you for reading this far and good luck.

If you are ready to try something that will work for you from now on, please contact me.

Raising Vibration helps many situations; contact Serena for more information about your options.    or    1-403-478-7125 

Speaking Engagements

Team Building Opportunities

Being younger doesn't mean you are free of stress. Self soothing techniques begin right after birth and are a positive thing in dealing with confusion, depression, bullying, low self esteem and feelings around acceptance.

What is even more positive is recognizing Self Worth and building exercises that can be used every day to centre your Self and help you see the beauty & potential of your unformed future.

Experimentation with drugs, talk of suicide, lack of empathy, rage, extreme mood swings and displays of disconnect are examples of common behaviours for unbalanced young people. You are not alone Folks!

Your child, no matter their age, needs private, customized attention to help them find their way and their worth. Contact me to discuss any issue and we will find a solution, that includes energy work, together.

ArchAngel Connection

I have spoken to many different sized groups in many places. The topics have included things like; Increasing Self Esteem, The Energy of Body Language, Addiction and How to Forgive, Loss of Loved Ones, How to Move Forward...

Every topic has one thing in common...Raising Vibration through Energy Work. This does not mean I wave my hands over your audience and you all suddenly can move mountains. I show you how to change things for yourself. We always use a volunteer or two and some visual aids so that we all can recognize what Raised Vibration is.

The size, experience level and age range of your group is unique and we should discuss the subject matter that is most important to your group.

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No matter the size of your team, you know that getting everyone to be "on the same page" changes the way your business works - for the better!

Every team is different but having fun while practising techniques that Raise Vibration and Remove Blocks gets everyone in a great mood! Energy work should be integrated into everyones' day to help ensure we all give our best to our customers and our team.

Because of your unique needs, time restraints and interests, we have to speak together about a program or talk that would best suit your company. Call or email Serena for your personal consultation.