ArchAngel Connection


Camille M: "Serena and the wonderful the Archangels have graced my life by way of a few of her different services. Serena is so fun, loving, kind, gentle and truly such an amazing person.  It is no surprise that she has been chosen to facilitate such a wonderful connection between us and the Archangels. Serena and the Archangels provide the perfect balance of both healing and empowering energetic experiences. It has been so beautiful to watch as new truths unravel before me, days, weeks and even months after my sessions! I really appreciate that a recording is sent after a session!

Serena came into my life when I was ready to take the next step in healing, beginning to thrive and take my life back. Once I welcomed her into this very personal process it exploded in the most amazing ways and elevated my progress to the next level. She and the Archangels have helped shine light on even bigger and brighter options on my life path and have aided in giving me a loving push to go for them!

I am so grateful!"

Kim: Hi Serena, Hope you're doing well. I wanted to update you on further on (our daughter) and our testimonial from the fall. Our daughter was terrified of the water since birth. I was with her from the very beginning so I can say 100% that she had no traumatic experience. From her 1st bath at 5 days old up until 2 months ago we could not get her in water, it was even terrifying for her to bath or shower. I sent her to swim lessons, despite her objections for 4 years, I really wanted her to be able to swim regardless, she hated it! The constant tears and temper tantrums was hugely stressful. She couldn't understand why, but she just didn't like water. Did I mention that she is 17 now? I knew that I had to get this girl some kind of help. So not only was she terrified of water, but as a teenager she started getting into trouble, and I mean big trouble. She was institutionalized on and off for the past 3 to 4 years, with different issues that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. One of the things she kept saying was that she was hearing voices, no she's not schizophrenic-she was tested, they tried her on so many different meds, counseling, in and out patient services etc. She said she felt different all the time and could hear and see things all the time. She turned to drugs to drown out the voices, she really thought she was "crazy", we knew she wasn't. I was to the point where I was exhausted emotionally and felt I had no where to turn to get this kid help, and then a co-worker gave me Serena's name. I emailed her right away and she responded back to me just as fast. We booked an appointment with her and she drove out to our house, which is over an hour away, to help. We really didn't know what to expect. Serena worked with the Angels and (our daughter), and my husband and I watched, it was an experience like no other. Serena did not "clock" the session, she worked until all the messages were delivered, clearly I could tell that the Angels were the motivation not anything else. Not everything happens instantly, which is ok, but slowly we started watching this young lady become someone else. I can tell you that this girl has her own mind, so nobody was going to persuade her into anything. She now understood that the voices really were her Angels talking to her, she didn't feel "crazy" any longer. Serena gave her the tools to be able to communicate with them, and she cut 4 cords that I can remember, it may have been more, to her past. I now have a daughter that is home full-time, has just finished grade 11, her first finish since grade 8, has made some really positive friends, and is swimming at the lake with her friends! Her fear of water is over, she went swimming for the first time, 2 months ago, with her friends, at the lake, she said it was the most peaceful feeling she has ever had! Thank you so much Serena for giving this young lady the gift of being able to be a teen! Words can never express how grateful we are an amazing human being, and an Angel that does walk among us... Regards, Kim

Dianne: "I thought Serena was very thoughtful, clear and organized in her online course on Angelic Ho'oponono. I particularly liked the way she integrated the support of the Angels in each of the four stages. I also found the structure of each lesson very clear and easy to understand. The supportive video material for each lesson was very helpful as well. Serena's enthusiasm and willingness to support us in this journey is wonderful. I think learning about Ho'oponono is probably one of the most important tools of our lifetime and such a wonderful way to clear your energetic blocks." 

Jane: “I’ve heard that there are angels everywhere and all around us but it wasn’t until we invited Serena into our space who introduced me to some very special angelic beings and experienced their presence that an enlightened awareness happened. Serena firstly cleared and balanced the energies in our home before proceeding to ground my personal energy creating a welcoming space for introducing and conversing with the archangels who offered information and direction in areas of my life.  It truly was an insightful experience that has left a beneficial effect on my life.  Thank you Serena and the glorious Archangels for enriching my life and leaving your beautiful essence in our space to be enjoyed.”

Kim: "What can I say?  Not enough...since Serena's visit our home has become quieter and more peaceful.  My daughter, who has had trouble sleeping, has actually slept on and off for just about 3 days!  She says that things feel so peaceful and she's not afraid any longer.  What a blessing.  As the days progress I want to provide more feedback and to tell people that this was a great experience! As I have told Serena, she is a beautiful person and I thank the Angels for choosing her to be their voice."

Nadine: "I invited Serena into my home in order to do some energy clearing in the space where we spend so much time. Our home had been witness to a number of unfortunate incidents over time, including a near death experience and troubled children. While going through the home, she was able to pinpoint certain areas that had darker energy, and clear those spaces. Before leaving a space, she added and sealed in much more positive Angelic energy. She took the time to gain wisdom and information from the Angels to guide me on my life path, cut past life cords and offer insights and teachings.

Almost immediately, I noticed our home had a smoother flow: less anxiety, more happiness, better sleep, more energy, a stronger connection amongst our family members. I've always been interested in connecting to Angels myself and after my session with Serena, I started to "notice things:" flickers of light, light touches, glimpses of "something" in my peripheral vision. My hope is that after such a wonderful initial experience, Serena can help me with my own intuition. Within hours that same evening, Serena had emailed me a digital recording of our entire session so that I may revisit any part I find useful. Thank you Serena! Our home is so much healthier after your visit, I'm more confident than ever about my life purpose and am looking forward to future sessions!"

Candice: "Excellent. Some interesting lifetimes came up that made so much sense in terms of what's been blocking my path. Cool stuff!"

Chyna:"Amazing! As if I could feel the weight being lifted, and I could feel the physical moments from past lives. Thank you!"

Hardeep:"Incredible experience. I have not been through this before. The information given was new and resonated with me."

Leilani:"Thank you Serena! Thank you for all the info. What a truly, wonderfully, life-changing experience to be a part of that morning!! I believe it all. I've had different experience with spiritual healing but this was truly true and I feel it to this day! You have been blessed with amazing gifts. Thank you for sharing your utmost kindness."