What is Angelic Vibrational Art?

Raising the vibration of everyone who comes in contact with one of these completely unique pieces is the intention. Every one is made with selenite (very high vibration) and raw copper to enhance the energy field.

Gazing at any piece will transport you to a higher vibration. The LOVE VIBRATION is the highest for human existence. This is the vibration Angels resonate with and communicate through. Experience your piece anywhere powerful, cleansing vibration would be appreciated, like your home, office, spa or meditation space.

Size really does not matter with these lovely pieces. Some contain stones as well as selenite to enhance the intention of that piece.

Below is a list of Currently Available AVA pieces. If you are interested in one of these or want to commission a piece for your personal or business space, please contact me at serena@archangelconnection.com

AVA HeartThrob    $1622

With her large, central heart-shaped selenite, this piece helps open and enhance energy flow into your heart chakra.

Standing in front of her and gazing at her centre space, you can feel your heart chakra open and pulse with the flow of smooth, fast-moving energy. This piece has had amazing response by so many who insisted they were "not into" energy healing but who could not move their bodies away from HeartThrob.

​This powerful piece would suit a spa, studio or a personal space where either many different people come through or people without full consciousness of energy healing spend time. Currently on display at Evolution Massage in Winnipeg, MB

AVA Clear Path    $444

AVA Clear Path is a tabletop piece intended for your Meditation Space. When working on any techniques you use to clear your own path to your Life Purpose, like Angelic Ho'oponopono, you can include the smooth, uplifting energy of this piece in your work.

Having your own personal "clear path" piece really aides visualization exercises for everyone.

This piece speaks well to Masculine Energy.

AVA Chakra Flow    $888

AVA Chakra Flow is a tabletop piece intended for your office or meditation space.

She is full of Khundalini Energy flowing in and out of her to encourage your own flow. Seven volcano fire quartz pieces wind around her central shaft of Sushumna energy and four pieces of selenite mark spots for vibrational enhancement.

This piece speaks to Feminine Energy very nicely.

Some of our pieces have Forever Homes already!

ArchAngel Connection

Angelic Vibrational Art (AVA) Gallery

AVA Solar Rays   $888

AVA Solar Rays connects you to some powerful Star Energy and moves any stagnant or fractured energy away from your centre. Get out of the way and watch it happen! No denying the red and iridescent glass centre pulses at its core while selenite and druzy stones rev up the vibe and refract it all over. Copper goes with the flow and enhances the entire situation.

​Currently on display at Evolution Massage in Winnipeg, MB

AVA Unfolded    $888

Standing in the Power of your Truth.

Raise your Inner Goddess Vibration with the power of Selenite and Copper in the knowledge, beyond doubt, that the wings of Angelic Protection surround you at all times. These wings unfold when you are strong enough but they never leave you.

AVA Green Man   $2222

AVA Green Man connects you to Earth and Angelic Energy in an amazing, powerful bridge. His leafy form is created with layers of oxidized and nutrified copper. His face is a disc of energetic glass and his mouth holds the Selenite that creates his powerful vibration.

AVA Green Man’s beauty entrances you and pulls you into his Ascended Master state of connection with the Angelic Realm – truly Heaven and Earth in one.

AVA Third Eye  $2882

This large piece is unbelievably powerful! Sitting on your wall, in your space she drives away any ideas of inability when it comes to Energetic Connection. Your Third Eye will be stimulated and you will feel the amazing power of communication with Energetic Beings.

This original piece is a great size for a spa, yoga studio or larger meditation space at around 42"wide. If this piece appeals to you, we can arrange a similar design to suit your desires. Currently on display at Evolution Massage in Winnipeg, MB

AVA Fire Spin    $222

Red and Gold stained glass share space with selenite for fast vibration, and volcanic quartz as it represents Earth’s core of Fire Energy. Khundalini Energy is dramatically activated with this powerhouse of a piece. Every One will feel the powerful pulse of their Life Force ramped up by the intended wand that cuts through the mundane glass to crank your personal fire within to crescendo.

AVA Super 7 FLOW-ER    $222

This piece resides in your space as a beautiful encouragement of Angelic Energy – the LOVE Vibration into your space. Super 7 is an amalgam stone that represents Angelic Energy perfectly. Selenite vibrates high and copper enhances the field of energy.

Flat shipping fee to anywhere in Canada is $50.

AVA Coiled Emerald Beauty   $222

Her copper coil  and emerald green colour symbolize ArchAngel Raphael's spiral of healing energy and his light. The 2 selenite pieces at the top and bottom of the piece serve to raise vibration from the ground to the sky while the spiral whorls this healing vibration into a pulsating force of its own. This piece would work perfectly in any healer's space.

Currently on display at Evolution Massage in Winnipeg, MB

AVA Four Within    $1444

Gentler than some of the pieces, the centre glass tube symbolizes your humanity. You may see the four coloured stones, representing ArchAngels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel, emerging from the tube or entering into it. Either way, your ability to connect with these Angelic presences is stimulated with this piece.

This picture is taken on a wild wallpaper to show the flexibility of the design. It really does go anywhere and wherever it is hung the inhabitants of the space will feel enrobed in an energetic protection.

AVA Tree of Life    $3333

Our Tree of Life offering is intended to Ground you into Earth energy and enhance her smooth, fast-moving flow into all of your being. Currently on display at Evolution Massage in Winnipeg, MB

This very powerful piece is mounted on a cherrywood to enhance the Earth Connection even more. Wall-mounting must be done by a professional though in this current state AVA Tree of Life can easily sit atop a sturdy table or counter for display.

Our large original copper and selenite piece needs a large, open space to be best enjoyed. We offer giclée prints for your smaller spaces. And to wear his image is to feel grounded all the time! Check our products page to see our Tree of Life shirt.