ArchAngel Connection

Your Connection with Angels

Serena does more than talk to Angels, she connects you with them. In your home and in your Self, you will feel the energy & share it. Sessions, Workshops, Energetic Events, and offerings of her Angelic Vibrational Art are some of the ways Serena will get you to connect deeper to the Angels & their Love Vibration. 

At your own pace, you can experience more of the high-vibrational energy with our book 22 at Heart or our NEW ArchAngel Meditation CD. You will feel the difference the Love Vibration makes in your life!

We want you to live your life Free of energetic baggage by Raising Your Vibration. Click on Services to learn which offering best suits your current needs.

Raise Your Vibration

Connection Products

Book, Webinar on disc, Meditation CD, Shirts, Jewellery, & more. 22 at Heart (my book) is a manual to assist you in your own Energetic Connections. Our Angelic Vibrational Art is unparalleled in creating ... ​

What's Happening?

...Shows, Markets and Angelic Ho'oponopono workshops all the time! Check our list to see if there is one near you. If there is not , we can make something happen. We are also planning some Angelic Connection retreats for...